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There are many paths of Yoga, many teachers, many ideas and many  myths too.
All paths of Yoga aim to ultimately calm, balance and restore us  and this is clearly written in some of the very oldest Indian Texts.
I too have followed many different Yoga paths whilst finding my  way. All have been beneficial.

Copy (2) of Copy of DSCF0008 Iyengar Yoga focuses on the alignment  of the body.
It teaches us to develop our practice in such a way that we learn  constructively and effectively. Yoga builds our stamina and strength,  flexibility and balance, mentally and physically. A particular aspect  of Iyengar Yoga is the sequencing of postures (asanas)
When these are practised in a particular order, with precision and  awareness there is an ability to learn and understand how to achieve  the postures without the concerns of becoming injured or experiencing  pain.

All Yoga takes time. It is not a quick fix, but the benefits are  immeasurable and noticeable.
Iyengar teaches a whole range of postures and breathing techniques.
Through BKS Iyengar’s research and self study these are accessible  to yoga practitioners of all levels. Iyengar Yoga allows us to recognise  that all of us have specific areas that need greater attention.
Rather than ignoring these we learn to have greater physical awareness  and mental clarity.
If we can learn to work in this way, through Yoga we may overcome  many obstacles.
Only by practice do we experience the effects of Yoga on the body,  mind and spirit.
This requires a lot of self-discipline. By coming to a Yoga class  we experience learning together under the guidance of a fully qualified  Iyengar Yoga Instructor. It is also, very importantly time for you.
Only students who have trained and qualified through the Iyengar  Teacher Training programme are allowed to teach the Iyengar system  of Yoga. All Iyengar Yoga Teachers are trained to a very high level  as set down by BKS Iyengar in order to maintain the work and standard  required.

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Yoga with Sarah : 01442 250712/mob 07850 142849
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Sarah's Yoga :

All classes resume 8th and 9th January 2020

No classes -
February 13th, March 4th and 5th, April 15th and 16th


Cost per session £12 pay on the day

Venue : St Johns Hall, off Bell Lane, Northchurch

Day : Wednesday      Time : 10am to 11.30am

Venue: Berkhamsted Old Town Hall, High Street

Class 1 : Thursday 10 am till 11.30 am  (Beginners)

    Class 2 :    Thursday 12.30 pm till 2 pm (General)

(If you have a medical condition or concern always seek medical advice before attending class.)

Sarah also offers private yoga tuition

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email:  07850 142849

No personal information about class members or clients electronically.
Health questionnaires and case histories are not taken stored or collected by email.
Printed health questionnaires and case histories are stored securely. No information about you is shared with any other organisatio or the data processed in any way.
Details of any health condition, contact details and/or emergency contact details are stored in printed form and held securely.   
Any information collected is required in order to make necessary adjustments and modifications for an individual whether in class or being treated on a one to one basis. Also, it may, on a very rare occasion be necessary to contact someone in the case of a medical/other emergency. You can request to have your questionnaire/any case history destroyed at any time.