Cranio Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle hands on form of treatment working  with the person as a whole rather than with isolated conditions.
It is a process by which integration brings about relief of a wide  range of problems be they physical or emotional and therefore has  many advantages.
The Craniosacral system consists of the cranium and sacrum as well  as the dural membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, enclosing  cerebral spinal fluid. 
It also includes fascia which envelopes every organ, muscle, nerve  and blood vessel throughout the whole body. Each of these can be felt  as a rhythm, quietly pulsating, - similar to a tidal ebb and flow.  Every cell in a healthy body expresses this movement which is both  fundamental and vital to life, hence termed the craniosacral motion.  It is very subtle and not easily measurable, but through very light  touch, trained therapists are able to perceive this rhythm.

Restrictions in the body's functioning show up in the way this motion/rhythm  is expressed. Stresses, strains, tensions and trauma, as well as physical  or emotional knocks may be stored in the body, allowing tissue to  over contract, which may ultimately stay that way. Over the years,  effects may be more apparent such as headaches, digestive disorders,  back pain and general tiredness or, of a more emotional nature such  as depression or anxiety. Indeed, any imbalance or strain within the  craniosacral system may perpetrate disorders elsewhere in the body.

Trained Craniosacral therapists develop extreme sensitivity to work  with restricted patterns. In this way the body can reflect back the  problem thus allowing dysfunction to release and return to more fluent  and healthy state of movement. Whilst this takes place at a deeper  unconscious level it occurs in such a way that we might make other,  more conscious decisions, e.g. being shown that we are frowning with  the use of a mirror, we are then made aware of this and choose to  release that furrowed brow.
The therapist only follows that the body wants to do thereby allowing  a sense of wellbeing to be felt as well as warmth, vitality and greater  mobility. This is purely as a result of allowing the tissue physiology  to function more efficiently and effectively.
Infants may have cranial imbalance as a result of the birth process  when excessive compression may occur, often causing irritability,  restlessness or digestive problems. Treatment at an early stage is  ideal to rebalance the system and remove any restrictions. It is also  particularly helpful for TMJ/jaw related problems.
Craniosacral Therapy can be used for people of all ages. Because of  its gentle soothing and non-invasive nature it is a particularly pleasant  treatment for all ages, allowing a subtle but profound therapeutic  process to continue reaching the very centre of the individual's system.  Craniosacral therapy never imposes on the body, just works with it,  hence promoting and encouraging self-healing.


The implications of the craniosacral motion were only recognised  during the first 37 years of the 20th Century. From this time it  has continue to be researched and refined into a now highly regarded  subtle, yet comprehensive therapy.
Graduates are encouraged to be involved in post-graduate training  and supervision.
Having completed a full time training and qualified they are entitled  to use the letters RCST.
(Registered Craniosacral Therapist)
Sarah trained and qualified with Thomas Atlee at The College of  Craniosacral Therapy in London.
Sarah practices in Hertfordshire and East Sussex
Sarah : 01442 250712/mob 07850 142849
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